Sunday, January 3, 2010

The first post of 2010, from YSC Treasurer Judy Kim

The New Year’s Eve party was so fun! I think that CHO, the choir, and fiddle club played fantastically! If you were there, then I hope that you had tons of fun! The idea of the whole “scavenger” game was great to keep all of the kids busy and got them to have fun at different stations they would probably never go to. Very brilliant! J

Honestly you guys? Wasn’t playing Eye of the Tiger a million times a little too much? Sure it’s a great song, but too much of a good thing usually turns out to be a bad thing! It gets real tiring, trust me.

The idea of the party was a great hit this year again! So many people were in the cafeteria, I couldn’t even find a good spot to sit all the chairs were filled. The food was awesome, too! The pizza, chips, and drinks! Delicious! Apparently the pizza ran out which was a shame. The food was still scrumptious!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far! Have a great 2010!

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