Monday, November 17, 2008


On Thursday, November 13, nearly 60 kids filled the Beach Middle School library to answer one question: What can we do to prevent kids in Chelsea from drinking and doing drugs?

The SRSLY Youth Meeting brought together local 10 to 18-year-olds who shared their ideas about the SRSLY Program and ways to connect with Chelsea’s youth about high-risk behavior. Working in groups of six or seven, the attendees came up with over 50 different ways to prevent underage drinking and drug use. Facilitators included teachers and Link Leaders from Chelsea High School and Beach Middle School, youth pastors, a librarian, and parents.

This is what we are all about. This is the whole point of SRSLY. We are a team, made up of very different people, who all want the same thing. We want kids in Chelsea to be happy and healthy, and make good decisions about drugs and alcohol. And the best way to achieve that is to let the kids take the lead. That's exactly what happened last week, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Thanks to all those who came and shared their great ideas.
If you want a chance to speak your mind and share your ideas, your chance is coming up tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/18, 6:30 - 8pm at the Washington St. Education Center cafeteria). Can't make it tomorrow? Keep checking the calendar at We'll have another big meeting in early December.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why We're Here

Last weekend, something terrible happened. Two Chelsea teens, Ian Hughes and Anna Herter, were killed in a dirt bike crash on Friday evening, November 7th, 2008.

What we know is that they were on a dirt bike, it was after dark, and they weren’t wearing helmets. There is some speculation that alcohol was involved, but that has not been confirmed. Whether or not alcohol was involved, riding a dirt bike in the dark with no helmet on is very dangerous. If alcohol was involved, then it made an already dangerous situation even worse. Now Anna and Ian are gone, and everyone who knew them will miss them very much. Our deepest sympathies go out to their friends and families.

But it didn’t have to happen this way. SRSLY is here because we want to make sure this stuff doesn’t happen anymore. But if we’re going to do that, we have to work together. We are lucky to be part of a community of people that care about each other. Now we have to work together, as a community, to try and prevent tragedies such as this one from happening again.

Friday, November 7, 2008


October was a fun time to be part of SRSLY. Between Project Sticker Shock, the Link Crew Homecoming Tailgate Party, Anti-Drug posters and lessons with 5th and 6th graders, and having kids sign up to join SRSLY left and right... the past month was totally awesome!

With Project Sticker Shock we COVERED Chelsea businesses with bright green stickers and posters, reminding adults that buying alcohol for minors is in fact, illegal. Seems simple enough, but what really got everyone's attention (including the Ann Arbor News and Chelsea Standard) was the fact that kids were the ones sending the message! 40 CHS students joined together with Chelsea PD and 19 local businesses to raise awareness about the penalties for buying for minors, and send the message that it is srsly not ok.

Over 300 South Meadows students worked on posters to promote a drug-free lifestly in Chelsea as part of the "What's your anti-drug?" poster contest. Kids drew themselves running, horseback riding, skateboarding, reading, climbing trees, and hanging out with their friends and family, because these are all healthy things that help them stay drug-free. For their community service project, Girls on the Run participants brought completed posters to businesses on Chelsea's Main St. and asked them to display the posters in their stores. Once again, the message that kids want to live above the influence is heard that much more clearly when it is coming directly from kids.

So here's what we need now: more youth involvement. Adults can only do so much with SRSLY. I need every kid in Chelsea, between the ages of 10 and 18, to come to a meeting on Thursday night, November 13th, at Beach Middle School library from 6:30 - 8pm, and share your ideas about what we can do to prevent destructive behavior in Chelsea youth. I want to hear why you think kids in this town drink or do drugs, and I want to hear how you think we can keep that from happening in the future. No, scratch that... I don't WANT to hear your ideas. I NEED to hear them! Because let's face it, you guys are the ones on the front lines. You know what's really going on. So you know better than any adult what should be done about it.

Plus, I'll have lots of pizza at the meeting. So even if you don't have any ideas right now, you should come anyways. You'll get to eat some food, see your friends, and hear their ideas. And I'm sure after talking about this stuff for a little bit, you'll come up with some of your own.

Then after you come to the youth-only meeting on the 13th, make sure you join your parents at the community-wide meeting on the 18th, at the Washington St. Education Center cafeteria. That's where we'll tell adults in Chelsea all the great ideas youth had, and get to work on implementing the chnages you asked for.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Scary new trend in an already scary drug

Two different parents sent me this story, and I think it's important that you all know about it too. Check out the following link about a new trend in crystal meth:

Parents need to make sure you know enough about crystal meth to talk to your kids honestly about it, and explain to them why it is so important to never try this drug. If you want or need to learn more about meth, go to They've got good information on all drugs, including crystal meth.

Kids, if you're curious, please send me your questions. You should also ask your parents about meth, or any drug for that matter. There is good information out there, and no reason to wonder alone.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Srsly, what's with the t-shirt slogans?

Here's a break-down of the SRSLY shirts you saw at the game tonight...

"Good Times!" Pretty straightforward... SRSLY is all about having fun in safe and healthy ways - that means no drugs, and no underage drinking! We will plan and host and promote fun substance-free events all year long, so keep an eye on the calendar at if you want to join in the fun.

"Thank You For Noticing Me." You saw these on banners as well as t-shirts. Did you know that when kids think that adults in their community notice them, they are less likely to drink or do drugs? How simple is that?!?!? We (adults) know that we all notice and appreciate the young people in Chelsea, but that's not good enough! We (adults) need to make sure that youth know that we notice them! So notice a young person, and make sure they know you did!

"My Neighbor Likes Me." Same idea, a little deeper. Beyond being noticed, young people need to know that they matter to their family, and their community. The more kids feel like their neighbors and other adults in the community like and appreciate them, the less likely they are to engage in destructive behaviors (like drinking and doing drugs). So if you know a cool kid in your neighborhood, you need to go out of your way to tell them how cool they are! And if you are a cool kid in your neighborhood - YOU ROCK! YOUR NEIGHBORS LIKE YOU, A LOT!

"Words On A Shirt (a good place to start)" We all need to talk openly and honestly about drugs and alcohol, and the effects they have on our lives and bodies. Kids need to talk to trusted adults, and parents need to talk to their kids (and each other), about how to stay safe and healthy. No one has all the answers, but we can all learn from each other, as long as we TALK! So parents, talk to your kids. And kids, ask a parent or other trusted adult. Everyone has questions, so let's get them out in the open, and find some answers. Shirts are just the beginning...

You want a cool shirt? Earn it! (or buy it). Check out the website to find out how. Updates coming soon.


Thank You!

Dear SRSLY Volunteers,

Thank you for being, by far, the coolest volunteers on the planet. Tonight was so much fun, it was ridiculous, all thanks to YOU! It was so great to see everyone excited about SRSLY, and preventing destructive behavior in Chelsea youth. And it was so fun seeing everyone covered in SRSLY tattoos, glow bracelets, and t-shirts!

Speaking of... if you're wondering what the t-shirts are all about, check out the t-shirt post. If you want to see more pics, check out the Facebook page (SRSLY Chelsea).

If you want to volunteer for future SRSLY stuff, go to and click on the volunteer! link. Cool stuff coming up in October. Check it out! Some of the dates may chance (like for Project Sticker Shock), but if you want to sign up, click the link and let me know. We'd love to have you! SRSLY is super-good times!

Thanks again. U guys srsly rock!

- Reiley

Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting Good Info

I spend a lot of time on-line. When I have a question, a work-related project, or a need to waste time or entertain myself, I usually turn to the internet.

Everyone has their favorite websites for passing the time, but where do you go when you need an answer? How do you know you've found the right source? I struggled with this question last week, as I spent hours following a trail of websites with information about the minimum legal drinking age. Because of the Amethyst Initiative (, the debate over whether or not to keep the drinking age at 21 has been in the news. I decided to review the evidence on both sides of the case, so I could make an informed decision about my position on the issue.

Easier said than done. I ended the day more confused than I started! Mothers Against Drunk Driving says alcohol has a negative impact on brain development. says it doesn't. Argh! So where do you go when you have a question about drugs and alchol, and you just want a straight answer, without a hidden agenda?

I have found the information at two websites to be reliable, straight forward, and easy to understand: The Anti-Drug ( is aimed at parents, while Above the Influence ( is geared towards youth. Both have tons of information on any substance you could think of, tips on how to deal with youth who are using, and interactive feautres like quizzes to test your knowledge and skills. Check them out, and let me know what you think.

Also, if you find a website that is super awesome, or super lame, tell me about it! That way we can give everyone else a heads up to either check it out, or avoid it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Learn what SRSLY is and how you can become involved.